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Surreywood Civic Association

Surreywood Organized in 1973, The Surreywood Civic Association, Inc. is a Virginia corporation.  It consists of voluntary members residing in the community of Surreywood who pay yearly dues in an amount set by its membership.  The association conducts its business through an elected group of volunteers known as the Executive Board.

The purpose of the Surreywood Civic Association, Inc. is to promote the interests of the Surreywood Community by the undertaking of activities permitted by law and judged appropriate by its members. It is guided by the following principles:

  • To promote the spirit of the Community among the residents
  • To protect property and persons in the Community, with special emphasis on child safety
  • To promote physical improvements in the Community with the goal of maintaining an attractive appearance and high property values
  • To represent the Community before governmental bodies in matters affecting the Community
  • To be a source of communication for the residents of the Community
  • To plan and sponsor social and recreational functions for its members
  • To inform residents of, and monitor compliance with, the Restrictive Covenants that applies to the property owners in the Community

How to Join

Compared to many local Home Owners and Civic Associations, annual membership in the SCA is a minimal investment. Dues are $90 for non-lakefront homes, $190 for lakefront homes.  In order to join, look for information to be delivered to you by your ‘Street Captain’ in early fall for membership the following year.  These volunteers will drop-off, pick up and answer any questions you have about the membership forms.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to email our Membership Chairman at

Find the  2019 membership form here and follow the return instructions on the form. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with the Surreywood Civic Association.  Civic Association Board positions are on annual terms and run from January-December and generally meet 8-10 times a year.  If you are interested in bringing your skills to the board, please contact the President at

If you are looking to volunteer but cannot commit to a board position, there are still plenty of opportunities.  Whether it be setting up or coordinating for a social event, work days at the playground, participating in neighborhood watch or helping with buildings and grounds, we are always looking for an extra set of hands (or minds)—and it is a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbors that make Surreywood such a special community.  Contact any board member to get more information on how you may be able to help.

New to the Neighborhood?

Please contact to get a welcome packet stock full of information to get you accumulated with the neighborhood.


Rules and Regulations

Complete SCA Bylaws

Residential Zoning and Laws

Surreywood Covenants