History of Surreywood

In 1967, The Surreywood Land Corporation bought 161 acres from the estates of Jim Turner and A.L. Davis for developing the Surreywood subdivision.  Construction began in the spring of 1968.  T.L. Timmons and Associates designed the layout of Surreywood and engineered its development.

The first Surreywood foundational footings were poured on the same day at 2121 and 2200 Lancashire Drive.  The first residents of Surreywood were Ken and Gay Scott, who moved into 2121 Lancashire Drive on Labor Day of 1968.  Forrest and Melba Jolly were the second family to move in at 2200 Lancashire Drive on October 14, 1968.  In 2010, Mrs. Jolly continues to reside at this location. There were no street signs in Surreywood and the Post Office would not deliver mail in the subdivision. The first houses in Surreywood were selling for $29,750 to $33,000.

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History of Lake Surreywood

Surreywood is considered a lake community. Some plats show the lake as Lake Surrey, while others have it named Lake Surreywood or even Napiers & Savage Lake.  The lake is considered to be man-made due to the dam at the lower end. However, natural springs throughout the lake acreage feed the lake.  In 1968, as development progressed close to the lake, it appeared likely that Native-Americans had a campground on the creek near the present dam, as the area gave forth-significant numbers of arrowheads after heavy rains.  There were remnants of an earlier dam above the present one.  County old-timers said, “before refrigeration, the old dam was used to block up the water so ice blocks could be cut in the winter for use in the summer.”  In the early years, the lake was used boating, fishing and swimming. Surreywood Land Corporation retained ownership of the 14.3-acre lake until March 25, 1975, when they deeded the entire lake property to the Surreywood Civic Association.

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Public Schools:

Chesterfield County Public Schools District (CCPS), students are assigned to schools based on their residence unless they receive a waiver or are accepted into a “specialty center” (programs for high school students that focus on such areas as the arts, math, science and the International Baccalaureate [ IB] curriculum). High school students can also apply to selective, regional “governor’s schools” with advanced graduation requirements.  Surreywood students attend A.M. Davis Elementary School, Providence Middle School & Monacan High School.

Private Schools:
There are a number of accredited private schools in the area.  See for information.

Home Schooling:
Surreywood is also home to a sizable network of home schooling families.  For information on home schooling go to

Richmond Metro Area

Surreywood is located within the County of Chesterfield and is proudly a part of the Greater Richmond area:


The following companies provide utilities for Surreywood

Dominion Virginia Power:  1-866-366-4357

Columbia Gas (service not available at all homes): 1-800-543-8911

Verizon: (Surreywood wired for fiber optic service)
FIOS Internet & TV 1-888-881-8161
High Speed Internet: 1-888-625-8111
Phone: 1-800-Verizon

Comcast:  1-800-Comcast

Trash Pick Up: The County does not collect trash.  All households must contract with a private trash pick up service.  Check with neighbors for recommendations.

Curb Recycling: 804-340-0900 or

County Waste 804-843-9288


Chesterfield County has nine public libraries.

The library closest to Surreywood is LaPrade Library:
9000 Hull Street Road

Important Contacts

Chesterfield County Police Department:
Emergency:  911
Non-emergency:  804-748-1251 or
Speeding:  804-310-8084 or

Chesterfield County Fire & EMS Department:
Emergency:  911
Non-emergency: 804-748-1360 or

VDOT -Virginia Department of Transportation1-800-367-7623

Chesterfield County Animal Control:  804-748-1683

Chesterfield County Code Compliance:  804-748-1050

Code Brochure:

Code Compliance Complaint Form:


Surreywood Swim Club, Inc.

GPS: 2300 Williamstowne Dr. North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Mailing: PO Box 74303 North Chesterfield, VA 23236